© Elise Peroi

A moment in the city

Urban space is contemplating, bodies are revealing themselves out of their inner being, wandering in the city, meeting the gaze of others.
The city is populating itself and modulates with dancing bodies.
In front of me is a social landscape, cadenced by poetic intertwined gestures and exchanged moments.

Action in the city in the form of a ritual, like an ephemeral street art.

Kit for the ritual: water / fan / felt / paintbrush / rice paper / thread
On the rice paper, the moment I have before my eyes is drawn in 15 minutes.
Coated with water, the sheet is pasted with starch at the precise moment when the drawing is done.
Left here, the passers-by will pay attention or trample what only lasts a moment.

July 2017
Peng Chau

©Cheung Chi Wai